Jose Theodore

Posted on January 14, 2013 by Mike Vogel

I met with Jose and his family yesterday. He is very fit and he is very excited. He said he would come to DC in August to skate with his new teammates. He cannot wait to get on the ice. He actually said he wanted to skate with the rookies at camp yesterday but he needed to find a home in the area which he had done. I was very happy to hear him say that he had watched us play a lot during the year. He also mentioned watching two of our playoff games with Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg and that they all noted how the young Caps reminded them of the old Avalanche in many ways; a team built through the draft and with young players who grew up together. I took that as a great compliment. He also said he remembered when we played them that we had out shot them at one point 30 to 10 and that he went to the bench and one of his teammates said, "Who do these guys think they are? The Red Wings?" Very funny! Jose also mentioned to me that his father is Greek. Theodore is a shortened name as his dad's name is actually Theodore Theodore, which is common in Greece/Macedonia. Jose is half Greek and half Spanish and he grew up in Montreal. He is psyched to be here which was so great to hear face to face. He loves playing for a team that can compete for the Cup right now, which were his words exactly. He also thinks we have an exciting team and that we have the best player in the world.  He also said it was fun to know that we have a team that has three players that served as MVP of the entire NHL on our roster. He believes that will gain us respect around the league. Jose looks very young. He is a veteran of the NHL but he has many years  left to play great hockey. He and his family will settle here very quickly. His family has already embraced the community and have bought a home. Let us welcome him to DC. I was very pleased with our face to face meeting. He knows and has embraced what we are building here in DC.

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Has Blogging Jumped the Shark?

January 14, 2013

Wow. Jason Calacanis is leaving the blogosphere. I relate to how he feels; this stuff takes a lot of time and thought and you have to have the nerves of a stand-up comedian to keep doing it everyday. His blog was a good read and he will be missed. I bet Jason will be back though in some manner or


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