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Posted on January 14, 2013 by Mike Vogel

The Capitals have received recognition from the NHL and customer satisfaction survey as offering the best season ticket holder (STH) benefits in the NHL. Our mission is to make the Washington Wizards STH benefits and experience the NBA league leader.We are really trying to win back former Wizards season ticket holders and to bring in to the family new Wizards fans. Season ticket sales are the life blood of our franchise. We need to book fans for all of our games in their seats in a loud and proud building. An exciting atmosphere helps our team to play better and helps us to be able to afford to pay the players. The building configuration for basketball is quite different for hockey and it has created some new ideas that we can pursue. This virtuous cycle is what sports and sports marketing is all about. Thank you for all of your support to date and for considering the purchase of season tickets. We have been very active and very successful in the last month in new sales. Last night we held an open house and we sold close to 100 new season tickets. We have been one of the top selling clubs in the NBA for the last month! I just completed a mailing to former season ticket holders. I pleaded our case: We want you back. We also just announced a big new set of improvements to the benefits that season ticket holders receive in our VIP courtside seats. These are our best seats and our most expensive seats and I believe that a new sense of support and caring for these ticket holders was a mandatory deliverable for our organization. We need the business. We need the new revenues. Our customers deserve first class services in exchange. A fair deal. You will note from the memo within some of the services we are now making available: More in seat services; more free food and drink; and more tender loving care. Some of the ideas within - to be honest - were mine as I was a season ticket holder, too. Some of the ideas came directly from our most valued season ticket holders directly. And some of the ideas came directly from the Washington Capitals season ticket holder plan book or from best practices around the NBA and the NHL. A few notes before you read the memo. When I visit other arenas, I try to be very observant and once when I was in Cleveland I experienced a wonderful perk in their arena for courtside seat customers. There is a rough hewn area behind the stands that Cleveland created where VIP season ticket holders can mingle; eat some food; drink some beverages; and basically hang out. For free. The area is NOT improved. It has concrete floors and some curtains up but the food and drinks are free and the space is huge and can comfortably handle all of the fans. We will now do likewise. We will still offer our other services and formal places to mingle but we are adding this service. It is an authentic and real life experience. You literally go back stage and get to hang out with friends. I would rather give our customers free food and beverages than spend the money on carpets, woodwork and furniture for just a few people. I think you will love this area as it works great in other arenas. Also, we will add some new electronic signage at the scorers' table. This will allow us to expand the Dream Seats from 8 seats to 16 seats. We are lowering the price of those seats and then we are offering a really cool new perk. We are building a fantastic, private and modern club beneath the Owner's Box. The club is for our partners and our families. It is an invitation only place to be! We will also open it up to the people that purchase these Dream Seats. You can literally have some privacy and mingle with us as owners of the team; dine with us; and experience something cool and new. These seats are quite expensive although we will charge much less than previously offered and the services will be the best of the best. I am personally trying to up the service levels for all of our fans. No detail is too small or too big. I want to be nice and supportive to all fans across all price categories. But we also need to be extra nice to the folks that buy these seats to be close to the action and to help us pay for NBA salaries. Read this memo. I hope you will be impressed and I hope you will consider signing up for season tickets. Thank you. -------- Over the past 30 days, we have received a great deal of feedback from Washington Wizards VIP full season ticket holders. Because you are our best customers, we have strived to add value and exclusivity to your VIP full season ticket package. Based on your input, the Washington Wizards are delighted to announce the expansion of the VIP full season ticket holder benefits offered for the 2010-11 season. All VIP full season ticket holders will now receive: COMPLIMENTARY ALL-INCLUSIVE FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE * All Wizards VIP full season ticket holders will receive complimentary all-inclusive food and beverage service in the Coaches Club and in a newly-designed club located on the event level behind Sections 114-115 * Service begins when the arena gates open and runs through the end of regulation play * Complimentary all-inclusive service includes a premium food menu and complimentary draft beer, house wine, and soft drinks * Sample menu items include: * "Carvery Table" - Chef Carved Sandwiches with Deli Rolls and Condiments (from when arena gates open to the beginning of the 3rd quarter) * Fresh-Made Pasta Station (from when arena gates open to the beginning of the 3rd quarter) * Artisan and Farmstead Cheeses with Lavash Flatbread and Crackers * Garden Fresh Vegetables with Buttermilk Ranch Dipping Sauce * Creamy Cole Slaw * Macaroni Pasta Salad * Cucumber Tomato Red Onion Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette * "Stadium Fare" - Kosher Hot Dogs with Onions, Relish, and Tomatoes; Half Smoked Sausages with Onions and Peppers; Ultimate Nacho Bar with Chili, Cheese, Salsa, Jalapenos, Sour Cream, Tortillas and Hot Sauce; BBQ Pulled Chicken with Mini Rolls  COMPLIMENTARY IN-SEAT WAITSERVICE * All Wizards VIP full season ticket holders will receive complimentary in-seat waitservice * Complimentary in-seat menu items include unlimited popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, kettle chips, bottled sodas and bottled water  VIP PARKING * All VIP full season ticket holders with two (2) or more seats on their account will now receive one (1) complimentary off-site parking pass per account * All front row VIP Row AAA full season ticket holders with two (2) or more seats on their account will now receive one (1) complimentary in-arena parking pass at Verizon Center   NEW FOR 2010-11 SEASON: THE OWNER SEATS VIP FULL SEASON TICKET PACKAGE In addition to these expansions, we will also be offering a new VIP full season ticket package for the 2010-11 season: the Owner Seats VIP full season ticket package (formerly the Dream Seats). The Owner Seats package is designed to deliver unmatched exclusivity and premium amenities. As a current Wizards VIP full season ticket holder, you have an exclusive window to upgrade into these seats by Friday, July 30 before they are released to the general public on Monday, August 2. Only 16 Owner Seats will be available for the 2010-11 season. As an Owner Seats full season ticket holder, you will receive unparalleled benefits and service. Exclusive Owner Seats benefits include: * The Best Seat Location - The 16 total Owner Seats (expanded from the original 8 Dream Seats) are located courtside, directly between the team benches/foul line and the press table closer to center court * Sit shoulder-to-shoulder to NBA players, coaches, and media * One of the most exclusive seat locations in Verizon Center * Owner's Club Membership - Each Owner Seat purchased will include membership in the ultra-private Monumental Sports Owner's Club * Private club space dedicated solely to Owner Seats VIP full season ticket holders and Monumental Sports ownership * Unlimited fine dining and a complimentary full service bar in an intimate setting * The Owner's Club is accessible pre-game, in-game, and post-game * Pre-Game Valet Parking - Complimentary valet service for all Wizards games * Simply pull up to the Verizon Center as you arrive to meet the valet * Parking spots will be located in a dedicated area of the Verizon Center parking garage, which will allow you to retrieve your car at your leisure for a convenient exit * Dedicated Concierge Service - A dedicated concierge focused exclusively on serving Owner Seats VIP full season ticket holders * Greets you and your guests in your seats * Provides complimentary dedicated waitservice and coat check service * Escorts you and your guests to and from your seats, to the Owner's Club, and to post-game press conferences * Post-Game Press Conference Access - Each Owner Seat will be invited to attend a Wizards post-game press conference * You and your guests are escorted by your concierge to and from the private press area * See the immediate post-game reactions of Wizards coaches and players   The Wizards Owner Seats are available for full season purchase for $1,500 per game, $63,000 total for the 2010-11 season. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions about the package, or want to inquire about availability, please call your Guest Services Specialist, Kirk Madsen, at 202.292.1906 or by e-mail at   Only 16 Owner Seats will be sold - Don't miss out, call today!

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