We Deserve the Criticism

Posted on January 14, 2013 by Mike Vogel

We deserve the heat. I am not afraid of accountability. Or pixels of anger and despair and frustration from bloggers. You should all be exposed to my email then I think you wouldn't believe we are immune to criticism. I probably get the most direct criticism of any business leader around as I read all of my email and I talk to folks in an unfiltered way. I don't get executive summaries. I hear direct from the source, cuss words and all. I get it. I hear it. In fact, most emails are negative. Most happy people don't write. Just ask any newspaper editor. But at the same time, I will not deviate from a strategy of a rebuild because of day to day losses. In fact, I believe that is what gets teams and businesses into trouble - lurching from strategy to strategy when the going gets tough. Change is good. Too much change is bad. Reactive non-reflective random change is really bad. All of us are frustrated.We have a better team than this obviously. To be a team that is over 500 at home and winless on the road is quite puzzling. But there is no short cut to a rebuild. I wish there was. I honestly wish there was a magic wand to wave and we could short cut the process. I wish I had candy to offer to you. I have been through a rebuild before. It is filled with angst; losses; second thoughts; and differing opinions. It isn't easy and it isn't fun and it is why most franchises don't do it. Most franchises look for a quick fix to stop the bleeding or to placate critics. That isn't a plan. That is a semi-selfish act to make you feel good as an owner or leader. Remember, one critic once told Caps fans to take their season tickets, light them on fire and come to my home and throw them on my front lawn when we were in the midst of our rebuild. I have heard it all. But our young players have to gain their experience. Look around at other teams that have been mostly built through the draft. They started out with many losses; got better incrementally; and then made the playoffs. If it doesn't kill you - it makes you stronger. You add free agents at the right time. You don't add them day one of a rebuild. You have to manage your salary cap the right way. We have to pay our dues. We have to add more talent to the team. A mix of vets and youth - of course - that isn't enlightening. We have to know how the NBA landscape will look in the future. We have to let our young players gel together. Sometimes having so many new players is the issue. They haven't won before and they have to figure it out. We have many vets on this team and players that have won in other situations. We have a proven coach. And a motivated staff. We have a psychological barrier to overcome for winning on the road now. We aren't getting blown out. We are right there and then we don't close the deal. I can't despair. We want to improve. We want a win on the road. It will come. I understand criticism of our performance as a team. It is deserved. It is another part of the process: Hearing critics but still believing in what you are doing and not overreacting to incoming pixels and not trying to curry favor. Doing what you believe in and sticking with it. Time will tell if the strategy was a good one. I understand your angst.

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Retort to Retort of Retort

January 14, 2013

LOL. I wasn't critiquing Michael Lee's Washington Post article about John Wall. I thought that article was well researched. And well written. I was retorting to the Washington Examiner article that noted that we should hire a chef. As I noted, we have a chef on staff that cooks breakfasts and lunch


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