Learning to Win

Posted on January 14, 2013 by Ted Leonsis

Read these quotes. See the players' confidence building. See players developing right before your eyes. That is what a rebuild is all about. A new big three has announced its arrival - Wall, Crawford and Blatche. Big minutes - big productivity - big results. And wins, too. We are short-handed and so players are getting bigger minutes to show the world what they can do. We have two first round draft picks next off season. We have cap space. We are young. We have upside. We are becoming an exciting team to watch. The sun is shining out today. Admit it. It feels good to be Wizards fans watching the rebuild unfold, yes? I am so grateful to you all and I appreciate all of your positive emails. Thank you.

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Not Bad for a Country Club

January 14, 2013

Read this post and this post from February 15th. Wry? Congratulations to the Washington Capitals organization for clinching its fourth straight SE Division Crown. And for moving back into first place in the East. And to Alex Ovechkin for scoring his 300th goal, the 6th fastest to this milestone in


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