Addressing Winter Classic in DC articles

Posted on January 14, 2013 by Mike Vogel

I appreciate NBC and NBC Sports and Comcast as partners to the NHL.  Recently one of their columnist's wrote an article that stated the Winter Classic would be coming to Washington DC in 2014. And that - as an out of the box idea - it could be played on the National Mall. Unnamed sources were used as the quotes in the story.  This article has activated a series of emails to me about ticket availability; and suggestions about venues; pricing; demands on seating locations and like-minded communications.  So - to set the record straight - there has NOT been any communication to us on a formal basis as to a Winter Classic coming to DC in a specific year. I have been told that the Winter Classic will NOT be coming to DC next year though. I have also been assured that because of the size of our fan base - and the beauty of our city - that a Winter Classic would come to Washington DC; at some point in the future. And that is good enough for me.  Also - the idea of a game being played on the Mall has been floated around for many years - it is NOT feasible; there aren’t enough common areas to build out seats - and the expense involved to create locker rooms; icestands and studios are prohibitive. The Mall is managed by the National Park Services; as well.  I am sure that one day - when a Winter Classic does come to DC; we will be creative and have fun and put on a great show. There are great venues for us to utilize and great theatre that we can create for NHL fans and our large fan base here in the DMV.  But right now - there is nothing to angst about - to plan - or to circle a date - I hope you enjoyed the game yesterday - and enjoy the games in the future - we promise to let everyone know when we have a formal communique - but that day is not today. Thank you.    

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January 14, 2013

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