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Posted on January 23, 2013 by Ted Leonsis

Thanks for visiting Ted’s Take today. As you can see, it is slightly different and now part of the Monumental Network, which is our new digital platform. The Network is designed to improve the user’s interaction with all of our content – video, editorial and photos.

The Network will deliver daily unique video shows as well as some of the great content fans previously consumed on our team sites and various microsites. We hope Monumental Network will become your hyper-local destination for sports and entertainment news and features. You can read the entire news release here as well as articles in The Washington Post and Sporting News.

Monumental Today, a daily show that will focus on the local sports and entertainment news of the day, debuts today at 12:30 p.m. Additionally, Monumental Network is launching five other original shows that will range from conversations with our coaches to reliving memories of some of the greatest local sporting and entertainment events in history. Our individual Emmy-winning team shows – Caps Red Line and Wizards/Mystics Magazine - The Journey – will now exclusively air on Monumental Network.

Initially we are moving my blog and all blogs associated with our teams to the Network, and eventually we will migrate the Verizon Center site as well as other websites and microsites so that they all become part of the Network.  

Our goal is to continue to develop and deliver compelling content that drives fans and customers to our Network. While we own three professional sports teams, we also have one of the most vibrant arenas in the county, as Verizon Center recently was ranked sixth nationally for “best stadium experience” for indoor and outdoor facilities. We want to bring the world-class entertainers and experience to you, and Monumental Network gives us that opportunity.

As you may have seen a couple of months ago, we’ve also partnered with SB Nation and its nine regional websites, and we both will enjoy content sharing opportunities. Earlier in the year we also made a significant investment in our in-house video capabilities, hiring new staff to launch our own production facility.

Monumental Sports & Entertainment also is in the media business, and we want to deliver content – on laptops and mobile devices – for our primary customers in D.C., Maryland and Virginia as well as service the needs of our teams’ long-distance fans.

It’s an aggressive undertaking, and I’m sure there will be a few kinks initially, but let us know what you think, what you like and what you would like to read and see. Thanks for taking the time to explore our new Network.

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