True North

Posted on January 24, 2013 by Ted Leonsis

A good blog post by Dump and Chase here. Two games in, the team is struggling with a new system, and acclimating players to new positions and new roles.

Our coach is very analytic and we now have two video coaches - so the team is watching a lot of tape regarding its state of play. It is harder to practice in earnest though, as the team plays three games in four days: tonight at home, Friday on the road and Sunday afternoon back at home.

In a shortened season, repairing the plane while it is flying is the challenge all teams will have. We play 48 games in less than 100 days. A long losing streak is a real set back. A long winning streak sets you up quite well. Read these articles (here and here) from around the web. Like you, I’m hoping to see some progress at home tonight.

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End of Tough and Long Road Trip

January 24, 2013

That was quite the game last night. We seemed to be out of it - down by more than 20 deep into the third period.


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