Details, Details

Posted on March 07, 2013 by Ted Leonsis

The Wizards lost a winnable game last night because of little details that truly matter in an NBA game.

We had 24 turnovers compared to the Wolves who had 14 turnovers. And we had three fewer points from the foul line. In all of the other main stat lines - rebounds, shooting percentages, assists - we had a lead.

At crunch time we turned the ball over twice when we were down by one point. That was the ball game.

If we protect the ball a little bit more, a loss turns into a win. These are the little things that we must improve on as a team. Unless we do, we will be a 500 percent kind of team. If we can improve the little things, we can be a much more consistent winner. That is a big way we will improve - learning how to win, protect the ball and make all possessions count.

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