On Never Losing Faith

Posted on December 11, 2013 by Ted Leonsis

When we went down 3 to 0  last night - in truly odd and ugly fashion, I turned to my son and said - "I must change the seat mojo" and I moved my seat from center ice to the far right side. When Alex Ovechkin scored his first goal off of a pretty face off win and pass - basically in front of my new seat, I turned to one of our guests and said. "never give up, we can win this game. Alex can tie the score himself this coming period". We all laughed a sort of gallows humor.

Some fans walked by where I was standing, and a few shook my hand, or gave me a high five, one fan noted to me with a smile "THIS could be the greatest night of our lives", echoing a promotional video we run when we are behind an opponent. Who ever said that to me last night... "Thank you"; it made me smile and laugh and feel good and positive!

When we went on the 5 minute power play,  I said to my son, "we will win this game now - mark my words, this is so much fun." Alex Ovechkin then went on to score 2 goals to tie it.

We then went down a goal and things looked bleak. And time was running out - so we pulled the goalie.

I focused all of my attention on where Alex was setting up shop. I saw out of the corner of my eye the puck with John Carlson, and then literally like in slow motion I saw Alex wind up and then the crowd exploded, that play too was directly in my line of sight. Boom. Tie score. Pandemonium in our box followed.

A shoot out win - we get 2 standings points,  Alex scores 4 goals, passes Peter Bondra on the all time Caps power play goals scored list.

There were many sub plots in that game last night - but the clarity that emerged was that we never gave up. We pulled out a victory - Alex Ovechkin put the team on his back to win the game.The Caps are now 5 games over 500. And in 6th place in the East. Go Caps!

Pixelmania follows. See here, here, here , and here.

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