Not Off to a Good Start in 2014

Posted on January 06, 2014 by Ted Leonsis

Both the Caps and Wizards have gotten off to odd and tough starts in 2014.

The Wizards have lost 3 games in a row at home, and last night - the 3rd quarter was painful to watch. The game was tied 58 to 58 at half time and we literally were run off the floor, all in a ten minute increment.

Our team is relying far too much on long jump shots. We were out shot last night by a wide margin in shooting percentage, and that was the entire story in the game. Almost all the other stats in the game were even, the delta was shooting percentage. The team truly needs a reboot back to its roots of being a tough defensive team, and let its offense grow out of its transition game and get fast break and points in the paint. We are a better team and more productive when we play inside out - not outside in. And we hit corner 3 shots ...created by penetration.

The Wizards have more than 50 games to get back to playing good basketball. We remain in the 5th spot in the East. It is a fact that we lost all momentum we created in December with this last week of basketball and unproductive results. We must win at home to ultimately qualify for the playoffs.  

And the Caps are playing in a weird stretch. We are actually playing good hockey in terms of possession, and shots on goal. I have never seen a game before where an opposing team took 11 shots on goal and scored on 5 of them like we witnessed on Saturday night.

Also, opposing teams have scouted us well, and are staying out of the penalty box by playing disciplined hockey - it is nullifying our power play scoring, so our team now must play much better 5 on 5 hockey and the blue line must step up and contribute to offense and stop taking penalties.

We are just past the half way mark of the NHL season, we have stalled in terms of generating standings points, and we play a slew of games on the road in January.

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