A Quality Road Win Against the Bulls

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Ted Leonsis

The Wizards shot over 50 percent from the field by moving the ball and going inside out last night. We played tough defense and it activated the team's running game. We led for the entire game and the win was of high quality because we executed to the game plan.

The Wizards placed 5 players into double figures scoring wise last night which is a very good sign. We move into the 5th spot in the East.

I thought you would enjoy some additional fancy stats to activate your virtual coach within:

When we have 0 to 5 passes in a possession, our points per possession is 1.0. But when we have 6 or more passes, our points per possession increases 10 percent.

When we have 0 to 2 passes in a possession, we shoot  36 percent from the 3 point arc. BUT - when we have 3 to 5 passes, we shoot 41 percent from the 3 point arc.

Ball movement is a good thing.When we pass the ball 8 times or more, we get an offensive rebound 52 percent of the time.If we pass the ball 0 to 2 times - we get an offensive rebound 5.5 percent of the times. And 20 percent of the time if we pass the ball 5 to 7 times.

Spacing is counter - intuitive.

Here is a quick snapshot as an example.

With a defender 0 to 2 feet in front of him, Bradley Beal shoots 34 .1 percent. With a defender 4 plus feet in front of him, he shoots 42.7 percent.

And 47.6 percent from the 3 point arc. Getting Bradley Beal space via ball movement is smart.

John Wall, there is a difference - he shoots 46 percent with a defender 0 to 2 feet away, 42 percent with a defender 2 to 4 feet away, and 40 percent with a defender 4 plus feet away. John is at his best going to the rim, or taking jump shots in traffic. And of course running the floor and getting open shots for his team mates.

Here are clips from around the web. Check them out here, here, and here. And now you know..

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