1 and 1 Post All Star Break

Posted on February 20, 2014 by Ted Leonsis

We beat an Atlanta team that was very short handed last night on the road; and lost to a deeply determined Toronto team at home.

We start off the post All Star break at 500. The standings are really bunched up now - from 4th to 8th seed. The team will have to focus on performing at a higher level than 500 ball here on out to qualify for the playoffs, and even try to garner home court advantage.

There are 28 games left to play this season, basically a two month sprint now to qualify for the playoffs.

Today is the trade dead line day in the NBA - many teams are trying to improve, as are we the difficulties are in trying to align salaries in a move; and threading the needle on what we need short term to help vs what our plans are mid and long term in terms of salary cap management.

Here are some links about the game last night. Check them out here, here, here and here. Wish us well today.

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