On Alex Ovechkin and the Olympics

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Ted Leonsis

I heard about the issues with Alex's dad and his health scare three days ago. I felt real empathy for Alex and his mother and brother during this time of struggle. I didn't feel it was appropriate to opine in any way about the Russian hockey team and its performance at the Olympics. I only care about Alex and his family and I am hopeful that Mikhail has a speedy recovery. We are doing everything we can to support Alex and his family at this time. I have grown close to Mr. Ovechkin, he is a great guy and I am really pulling for him.

I know Alex Ovechkin has been nothing but stand up and professional in support of his country and the Olympics. He supported the team the last four years as an evangelist and spokesperson; he ran with the torch, he talked to the media always, he encouraged the NHL to send its players to Sochi. He has been nothing but supportive and caring and encouraging for his county and its team. He has done all his coaches have asked.

I also think that Adam Oates nailed it with his comments about Sochi and the Russian team and its performance, I will let you read about it here.

We will now all stand and deliver as best we can for the Ovechkin family. We wish a speedy recovery to Mikhail, he is in our thoughts and prayers. Click here, here and here to read this set of articles about his health and recent surgery. Thank you.

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