Gooden Plenty

Posted on March 16, 2014 by Ted Leonsis

THAT was an impressive performance by the Washington Wizards last night. I haven't seen the team that dialed in, that serious about mission and that committed to team defense as I did last night during the 4th quarter.

We shut down the Nets in a big way. We didn't let little things frustrate us such as an incredibly obvious missed call on a goal tending via a layup by John Wall, or a double dribble and then consequent score by a Nets player, literally right in front of us.  

The team never lost confidence in itself in any way; every player on the bench was being positive and supportive. The chemistry, passion and support of each other was really great to experience and see. This is a team that has bonded and likes and respects one another.

And the building was sold out with Wizards fans, who were incredibly loud and proud. That was fun!  Thank you so very much.

We beat the Nets, one of the hottest teams in the NBA, and the team in front of us in the standings. We move back into the 5th spot in the East. It did have the feel of a playoff game, didn't it?

John Wall was focused and is playing like a true world-class leader; he is doing everything to help the team win and qualify for the playoffs.

And Drew Gooden played like a man possessed last night. He was committed to defense, he hit three point shots, free throws, he rebounded well, he screamed with joy and passion to be here in DC. And back in the NBA. Read this one - whoops. A pixel a day keeps the readers away. We are proud to have added Drew Gooden to our roster. He has been a very positive force in the locker room, on the bench, and on the court.  "No one knows nothing".

The team now has a very good starting five, a strong performing second unit of experienced players, and we can now start to work Kevin Seraphin back into the rotation as we await Nene and his recovery from injury. I am very proud of how the team has rallied while Nene is out of the lineup.

Lots of pixels from around the web on the game last night. Enjoy here and here

And to my childhood  friends from Brooklyn who were texting me and trash talking me throughout the night, even though we swept the season series from you, click to enjoy. "No sleep".

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