The Real Mayor of DC: Franco Nuschese

Posted on May 18, 2014 by Ted Leonsis

Meet Franco Nuschese, the owner of the revered Georgetown institution, Cafe Milano.

This weekend was all about graduation events at Georgetown University, and we took our family to dine on Saturday night to Cafe Milano. The place was jumping, the weather was spectacular and people and friends were mingling inside and outside; the buzz was electric.

And who strolled in to dine with us all? Vice President Joe Biden and family; how cool is that? Mark and Sally Ein and the Kastles coaching staff too.

Franco also celebrated graduation weekend with his son who also graduated from Georgetown University.  Congratulations to the family.

As always, the food, drink and vibe were world class at Cafe Milano.

Franco is a talented business man, a wonderfully committed philanthropist to our community and just a classy gentleman.

He is the honorary Mayor of DC. Cafe Milano is the best and most celebrated local dining institution. Hoya Saxa.

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