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Posted on June 16, 2014 by Ted Leonsis

I have just returned from London with my family.

This is a booming, multicultural, diverse and thriving city. A city that is recognized as one of the greatest communities on the planet. London swings! The energy and positive vibe were palpable. Its economy is quite robust as well.

I toured many of the Olympic Games sites and have seen first hand the transformational powers to a community an Olympic Games can have - for young people, the disadvantaged and for all.

As I was buying coffee on Saturday, the woman standing next to me was wearing a t-shirt from the Summer Games. I talked to her and she was all smiles about her memories and her volunteer work at the games as a student. She said: "it was the greatest experience of my life, life-long memories for me and my family; we really did it right".

A cab driver spoke on and on about how London positively changed after the Olympics; he didn't like Uber but he loved NBC and the Olympic Committee!  And Americans. As he said: "lovely people and games, lovely."

London is a great role model city for us as we get to the next round of the USOC bid to land a Summer Olympics back in the USA. Read this article from the Washington Post; we should be proud as a community that we moved on to the next round of world class cities being considered, and we should envision a Games like London!

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