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Posted on January 25, 2013 by Ted Leonsis

In the Eastern Conference, playing at a 500 level would qualify a team for a playoff spot. There is that much parity around the league. Click here to see standings.

In fact, right now- the team in the 8th spot is playing at less than a 500 level.

Last offseason, as we entered our third year of our rebuild, we harbored aspirations to play at a 500 level which would have shown great progress for our team in terms of wins and losses from the previous year. It also would have had us in the playoff hunt discussions.

We suffered a staggering amount of injuries to key players early on and we presently sit with the worst record in the NBA. We are now easing back into the lineup our key players and we are starting to play better as a team.  In our last 10 games, we are playing 500 ball having won five games. This is the kind of performance we were anticipating for the season. Six teams in the East had a better record than us in the last 10 game segments.

A good goal for us for the rest of this season would be to play at a 500 levels or better. We have our players back, and we are gaining confidence.  The players are motivated to play well, as they have high levels of character and they know this is an important stretch of games for the team to assess our strengths and weaknesses. Our long term goal is to build a team that can compete at much higher levels than 500 ball, but we must plan for steady and marked improvement - in measured increments.

I think there is much to still play for this season, as does everyone associated with our franchise.  Thank you Wizards fans for supporting our team.

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