Cultural Change

Posted on February 10, 2013 by Ted Leonsis

Thank you for noticing this change in team culture as a part of our rebuilding process. Click here to read this article. There is nothing "cute" about playing against the Wizards now – eight straight teams have failed to score at least 100 points against the Wizards.

As noted before, becoming a team that is very hard to play against and building a team that can win at home are two big deliverables of a franchise. Playing tough and committed defense and always working hard as a team, go a long way to building respectability and becoming a productive and winning team in the NBA.

The Wizards are now one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. Just check the stats. The team has high character, is very coachable, and truly cares about the community and the fan base.  If you play hard and you are rugged and rebound and play defense, you can be in every game. This is a main reason we lost so many close games when we were so shorthanded due to injuries. Now that we are close to full strength, because the team's foundation is built on defense and hard work, close losses have turned into wins and some wins by big margins. The team is playing better than 500 ball now and has regained respectability.

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