Homage to the Pollin Family

Posted on April 05, 2013 by Ted Leonsis

While this weekend's events are a celebration of the 1977-78 Championship Bullets team, they are also a celebration of the ownership tenure of the Pollin family of the Capitals, the Wizards, the Mystics, the Verizon Center and US Air Arena/Capital Centre. They also owned the local Ticketmaster franchise as well.

The ownership experience was truly a family affair for the Pollins. Mrs. Irene Pollin was very gracious to attend the lottery draft for us when we won the first pick in the draft and we used it to bring John Wall to our team. Her luck and Abe's spirit have helped us to have a new foundation to build the team around. We should enshrine that beautiful yellow jacket.

As I have noted countless times, the courage and commitment the Pollin family showed in building the Verizon Center in downtown D.C. cannot be understated. The building literally turned around the downtown D.C. economy, and helped to make downtown D.C. a place we can all be proud of.

The 1977-78 Bullets team brought a long awaited championship to our city. It is one of the great accomplishments in sports for our community.

We want to be respectful and celebrate this team, and the memories that they created. The Pollin family and Abe Pollin treasured what this championship meant to the community, and they always spoke so highly of all of the members of the organization and the players associated with that team. The team was great for an entire generation. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Check out this terrific piece with some vintage footage and interviews with many of the players. I think you will enjoy watching it.

We are so happy to pay respect and homage to the team, to the fans, and to the players. But most of all, we want to say thank you, and show gratitude to the entire Pollin family for what they have contributed to our community, and for winning a championship for the fans of Washington D.C.

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