I Can't Remember a Worse 12 Minute Span

Posted on February 08, 2013 by Ted Leonsis

We played a very smart and efficient first period last night. We led 1 to 0. Pittsburgh had taken exactly five shots on goal.

In the second period, in a 12 minute span, the Penguins scored five goals against us. They scored two goals in four seconds.

Obviously, our goal tending is struggling, as is our offense. It appeared that when we were down by two goals, we couldn't muster up enough confidence and pressure to mount a comeback.

I am sure that the front office - coaching staff and the players - will be working hard today to prepare for tomorrow's game against Florida.We have many challenges as an organization, and as a team. Saturday's game  is our 12th of the season, and represents that a quarter of the season will have been completed.

There is much analysis on our woes and state of  play from around the web - click here, here and here.


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