Joe Lhota Runs for Mayor in NYC

Posted on February 11, 2013 by Ted Leonsis

One of my college roommates at Georgetown University is running for Mayor in NYC.

His name is Joe Lhota.

He is a great guy - wicked smart and has great operating experience of organizations and municipalities. He was the roommate who handled all of our financial affairs in our house. We all looked to Joe to get the house in order and to collect the money owed from all of the roommates. He was tough but fair, and a lot of fun to live with as a student.

Here are some articles about Joe and his campaign - see here and here.

I was once mayor of my small Florida town. I served for six years and had to step down when AOL acquired my company and I moved to Washington, DC.

Joe made us all proud with his work for NYC during 9/11, as he coordinated the city's response to the terrorist attacks. Go Joe, Go!

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