NHL to Play in Sochi

Posted on July 20, 2013 by Ted Leonsis

NHL players will represent their countries in the Winter Olympics. Read this article in Sports Illustrated. This agreement was reached by all parties, as noted here, and I am glad that this is behind us.

Alex Ovechkin is very committed to the Olympic games and I have always supported him in this quest to play for his country. To be direct though, the NHL is a players' league, and all of the players want to play for their countries and represent their homelands in the Olympics. I am sure the Capitals will have many players going to Sochi this February.

I don't believe the Olympic games help the NHL as a business. But if the players are happy, then all is well with me as they are our core. In the NBA, it is a different set of circumstances, as the Games are played in the off season and it keeps the game top of mind with a world-wide audience.

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