Why am I doing a blog?

Because blogs are the latest incarnation of why I first fell in love with the online medium nearly two decades ago.  The real magic of the Internet isn’t in high-tech gizmos and complicated computer code.  It’s in each individual’s ability to connect with the rest of their world.  AOL was one of the first companies to realize that the driving force for people to go online was their ability to reach one another.  So we fed that basic human need with tools like e-mail and Instant Messaging, chat rooms and message boards, personal web pages and photo sharing.Blogs are one of the next steps in the continuing social dynamic that makes up the online world, and they are perhaps the single best device yet invented to spark new conversations and launch new ideas.

That’s because a blog is not an echo chamber.  A blog can be entertaining, it can be informational, and it can be enlightening.  But the most important part of a blog is that it can be activating.  It allows others to look at your thoughts and follow your life and then launch their own ideas, comments and perspectives on what you’ve seen and done.In short, your personal blog is a way to leave your footprints in the sand.  It lets your friends and family, as well as people you’ve never met, follow your tracks through the exciting and ever changing world in which we live.  So welcome to my blog.


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